We're getting married!!!

Kelly & Nick

5 August 2021

Welcome to our wedding website!!!

You will find all the information about our wedding day here. We can’t wait to share our special day with you.

Photo by Franciele Cunha on Unsplash

The Proposal

We had booked a long weekend to Paris.

We only had hand luggage, so Nick had to hide the ring in his bag, without Kelly going through it and also without security finding it and ruin the whole surprise.

Nick’s plan was to propose sometime on the Saturday when we were doing all the sightseeing. With the ring sticking out of his jacket pocket, Nick had to put his woolly hat in, to try and disguise it and he had to make sure Kelly was on his left hand side so she wouldn’t feel around in his pockets (as she does).

Nick spent the whole day waiting and waiting for the right moment, but it was all too busy.

After a long day out we headed back to the hotel to get changed for a nice meal. Once again Nick put the ring in his jacket pocket along with that woolly hat.

We walked around for about an hour and a half looking for a restaurant that was in our price range, but also cooked steak and calamari. Believe it or not, it was a lot harder than we thought. With Kelly getting annoyed as she was walking around in her high heels and Nick getting annoyed as he was just hungry, we finally found a place to eat.

After food, we saw the Eiffel Tower had her lights on, they all of a sudden started to sparkle, so Kelly suggested we go back there.

Nick thinking that it would be a great place to propose, agreed. Thinking it was only a short walk way, we soon realised it wasn’t.

We were stopping off on the way to take pictures. Every time Nick was looking around to see if it was the right time to propose, but it was just too busy.

We finally got to the Eiffel Tower and Kelly suggested taking a picture of it, as we were so close Nick had to get down on one knee. Then Kelly thought she would get in the picture. After the picture was taken, Nick looked around and saw that nobody was there, he said to Kelly “Let me take another one."

With Kelly looking at the Eiffel Tower and Nick on one knee pretending to take a picture, he was actually struggling to get the ring out of his coat pocket because of the woolly hat.

Finally Nick had the ring box open and was down on one knee. He said he had taken the picture. Kelly turned round and was so surprised.

Both with a slight tear in their eyes, she said YES!!!