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How to choose the right videographer

Written By: Finch Media on 12 Jan 2021

Finch Media

How to choose the right videographer???

Your special day is here. You've spent months, if not years planning. There's been tears of joy, most likely tears of stress. You've been told you need a wedding videographer. But how do you choose?

You start doing research and you find there's videographers doing it for free and some costing up to or even more than £5K.

Initially I would have a budget set, a style and what you want in your wedding film.

Most videographers will offer at least a highlights film. Some like to make it sound fancy and call it cinematic. Which isn't always the case. Here at Finch Media we do offer a cinematic wedding film in all of our packages. The reason we call it cinematic is for three reasons. 1. The story telling 2. Camera movements, just like the films. 3. We use cinematic cameras, not just a dslr. 

You may even find your photographer offers a highlights film and be tempted just to use them. They might even offer this at a very low rate. But personally it's your special day, maybe just let your photographer take photos on the day, rather than trying to video as well. Mistakes might happen if they're doing both. Remember these need editing as well. If your photographer is supposed to be editing your images and trying to do the film which they might not be experienced in, they might br rushing and the quality might not be as good. Also its not just about the film, its also about capturing audio, which the photographer might not have much experience in. This part ins't about dissing photographers trying to film as well, just food for thought.

Do you want your ceremony in full? Again different videographers offer different approaches. Some may have the highlights film and the ceremony only as a separate film. I personally like to offer a feature film. This can vary in length. From approx 20-40 mins. This does include the ceremony. My feature films are edited in chronological order. So starts off in bride/groom prep then the ceremony and then continues as the day happens.

So if you are looking for a wedding videographer I would have a budget in mind, don't worry if you have to go over slightly. Have a style you like. Make sure you can see examples of their work and that it's all consistent. I have a very specific style and my brides and grooms that book me always say they love my work and want to book me.

I do hope this blog has helped you. Many thanks, Nick - Finch Media

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